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Why Should I have a Surge Protector on My Copier?

Well it’s a good Idea to have that added protection. Even if you have a service contract on your copier. why? Because during the Monsoon season here in Phoenix. You could be hit with a surge that could damage your machine. It can effect your power supply board, main controller or even your print controller or all of them. Yes, you might have a service contract, but how long will you be down? If your service company doesn’t stock that particular part? Or has to order it, or even send it out for repair? that could be a few days, Or even a week or two. Maybe you have a loaner program? That will take time also.

Delivery time for the loaner. Plus the time to set it up. If you have a large office, with many printing to that copier? That will take some time to set all that up. Here at Arrow Business Machines. We always offer surge protection to all of our customers. It’s much easier, and cost effective, and time effective to replace a burned up surge protector. Then all the trouble as we mentioned above. Keeping our customers running at peak performance. Get surge protection for your machine. Have that little bit extra coverage for dollars vs thousands. Especially if you don’t have a service contract on your copier. We do offer service programs to fit almost any budget. With the protection you need. Give us a call to set up a call today.