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Tips on prolonging the life of your copier

Their are a few things you can do to help your copier last for a long time, and get the most out of your investment. It’s a good idea to turn off your copier at night when your not using it, because it cuts down the heat building up in the copier, and can cause several things to happen. The heat build up inside the copier can dry out many of the parts that are inside the copier like the feed tires. The rubber over a long period of time, with the heat build up will cause them to dry up, and not be as tacky to help paper feed pick up. You can put your machine in sleep mode, if you have a fax machine on board your machine. That will help some of the heat build up. But it still will do a low power cycle. That keeps the heater (Fuser Assembly) on, but not as long as in normal operating mode. It will also keep your heater (Fuser Assembly) from drying out also from it’s own heat.

If you are able to turn your copier off at night. Then these few steps can help save your parts from wearing out prematurely. It’s also a good idea to keep you machine away from any air conditioning vents that may blow air on the copier. All the dust that blows down on the copier is sucked right into the copier, because their electro static. This will actually pull the dust right into the copier.  Also, using a good quality paper is also a good idea. Low quality papers will dust up your copier, and the developer inside. This will break down the life of your developer. Causing it to degrade prematurely. Other things like, teaching your users to be easy on the copier when using. Everyone will treat the copier in different ways when using it. It’s a good idea not to slam doors or slam the feeder too hard on the top of the machine. Always use the right supplies for your specific model. Every copier takes different toners. Their not all the same. Lastly, get a good surge protector. This will help with power outages, and during the monsoon storms. We have seen machines dead after a big monsoon storm. This can be a costly repair. So avoid the mistake of not having a good surge protector.

Were here to help. We sell new, and pre owned copiers that are reconditioned to full specifications in like new condition with warranties. We also can help you in your service needs.