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What is a Copier Rental?

A copier rental is generally considered to be a short-term, month-to-month method of using a copier. Typically, a copier rental agreement will cover service and parts (and sometimes certain supplies such as toner replacement), thus eliminating out-of-pocket repair costs.

Advantages of a Copier Rental over a Copier Lease

One of the greatest advantages of a copier rental is that it eliminates the large, upfront capital investment that would otherwise be needed to purchase a new copier.  It also offers the ability to upgrade or downgrade the type of copier equipment whenever the need arises. This can be advantageous for those businesses looking to use the latest in copier technology as it becomes available, rather than waiting out a long-term leasing agreement.

Are you in the market to rent because you don’t want to get tied up in a long-term leasing agreement?

We can help you. We can customize your rental to fit your needs. The nice thing about renting is?

When you rent a copier from Arrow Business Machines, all of your service and supplies are covered for the time you rent the copier. All you have to do is, pick up the phone and call.  As your business grows. We can do upgrades at any time you need.

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