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Scanner Jams lines & Feeding Issues

Their could be several issues causing the problems. We have found in several office environments. That some staples, and even paper clips seem to make it into the feeding area of the document feeder. Even sometimes we will find torn pieces of paper down inside, that you can’t see because the jam was ripped out. Leaving a small piece of paper stuck down inside. We have also found buildup of white out on the tires, and on the scan glass. These issues can be resolved quickly with some inspection.

Also, sometimes it can also mean it may need the pick up and feed tires replaced. Or even a simple service call can resolve these frustrating issues. Best thing to do to avoid these problems. Keep all staples, and paper clips away from the copier. We have even found that staples can make their way down into the copier, and into the drum-Developer units. Scratching the drum. This can be a costly repair. Try some WD-40 to clean the tire surfaces. Be sure to wipe the surface clean after cleaning them. Don’t use alcohol. That will just dry out the tires. In Arizona, the air is very dry. It dries out rubber parts. So over time, the tires will lose their stickiness.

I hope this bit of information helps you. If you don’t feel comfortable trying these ideas. Give us a call. We would love to help you, and hopefully build a lasting business relationship with you. We offer service agreements that will cover issues like the ones described. We also sell new & used copiers in near new condition. Saving you up to 80% over new. Were here to help. Just give us a call at (623) 340-2380 or visit us on the web at