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Lines, Streaks & Light Copies

Copy quality issues can be very frustrating. But there are a couple of things you can try, to see if it helps.
You can try cleaning the document feeder scan glass. Sometimes you can get dust or even in some cases
white out correction from your document stuck on the glass. If there is about a 2 mm blank spot from the top of
the original, and after that the line starts down the page? Then you have something on the scan glass.
If there is no line when using the document feeder that looks like the line you have. Then the problem is coming from within the copier.
If you have the type of copier or printer that has an all in one toner/ drum cartridge. Then you can replace
the unit or assembly, and that should get rid of the problem. Also, Light copies. If you have already replaced the unit/ assembly, and the line is still their?
You may have a problem with the fuser heat roller section. Some machines have just a couple of screws to remove the unit. Some you have to remove some covers.
If you don’t feel comfortable removing it. Then you should call your local copier company. We can help you with all these types
of problems. Just give us a call at (623) 340-2380 or visit us at