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Does your copier or printer jam ?

Copier jams can be very frustrating, when you are trying to get a curtain job printed, or just general printing and copier jobs done. Well here are some tips that may help you.

When removing a jam from your copier or printer. You want to be careful. Try to get each side of the jammed paper and pull from the corners easily. Slowly pull the jam out. This way you will be less likely to break anything, like any exposed paper switches that stick up in the path way that the paper travels.

If you don’t have any success when removing the jam or the paper tears in half. If this happens. You can try to get a long tool like a slim screwdriver. Slowly try to fish out the torn jammed paper. It may tear off in pieces, but that is ok as long as you can fish all the paper out. Use the paper you removed and put it out somewhere where you can evaluate all the pieces till it looks like the full sheet of the jammed paper.

If all fails to get it removed or you’re not sure if there is more? Then you may be better off to call your local copier service company to come and remove it. You don’t want to break your machine. That will cost you more in repairs. You want to try and avoid that. Try to be careful to not scratch or damage and parts in the area you are try to remove the paper.

I hope this bit of information is helpful. We are committed to helping all our customers, and future customers here at Arrow Business Machines. You can visit us on the web at or call us at (623) 340-2380