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Does it matter what copier paper I use

Does it matter what copier paper I use?

Yes it does. Low grade papers can dust and muck up the machine. Paper dust gets into your developer, pathways & can add more dust to your machine. How can you tell if your getting good copy paper? One way is. The cheaper the cost the less quality it is. Also How paper is stored is a big factor. Different parts of the country have different climates.

That can affect the paper in many ways from moister to dryness. Other factors are the rag content. Papers I have noticed in brands that are high quality have been Xerox paper & Hammer mill paper is a higher quality of rag inside the paper. Cheap paper as it bends & moves thru the machine. The fibers will break off & dust the machine. High quality papers don’t do that. Your machine will run cleaner.

Types of Copier and Printer Paper

Laser paper does not work well in many copiers. Printers have shorter distances to travel getting to feed rollers. But in copiers they will tend to slip, & cause copier miss feeds because the distances are longer to reach curtain areas of the machine. Storing your paper is also important. Use only what you need. Keep all your paper in its packaging. Protecting it from moister or drying out. Copiers run much better with 20lb paper. Great White brand paper is a very nice high quality paper with a bright white finish that makes print pop nicely. I hope this little tip helps those questions about copy paper.

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