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Is Your Copier Safe?

Is the Information on Your Copier Safe?

When you upgrade your copier for a new one. It’s really important that you take the right steps to secure your information that you have used on your copier. All the information that has passed thru your copier is recorded on the hard drive installed on your copier & is always there. The steps you need to consider before trading in or selling it outright. Is to have your hard drive either erased by a IT technician or have it extracted from the copier.

How To Determine If Your Copier is Safe

Here at Arrow Business Machines we can do these services for you. We can extract or clean your hard drive before you sell or trade in your copier. Keep your information secure. We can also lease or rent or even sell you a new copier. We offer many different service plans customized for your business. To fit your needs. Giving you confidence in our business.

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