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What copy machine is the best fit for my office?

There used to be a major distinction between printers and copy machines, but today, most office-focused printers are digital and multifunctional. They can scan, copy, print, fax, download and email. Most can be purchased or leased. Some advanced models can also store account codes, make duplex copies, full-bleed print, sort, staple, make three-hole punches and print transparencies. Still many offer features that can cut costs and improve productivity. Those include wireless connectivity, image editing, security features such as biometric authentication, and energy savings.

Maintenance and service agreements

The average digital copier service agreement encompasses toner, drums, and all parts, maintenance and repairs. These are designed to free up office staff and employees from worrying about toner levels and the long-term performance of the machine. Rollers, cleaning blades and other parts that break or wear out over time are typically covered. Our agreements cover all the listed parts & labor you will need to keep you covered. customized to your needs.

Leasing your copier

When a company leases printers, there is no resale or disposal hassle. Leasing is also easy & convenient because most equipment providers offer maintenance plans, which can be included in the lease itself or paid for separately. Companies with limited IT staff often choose leasing for maintenance purposes alone.
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