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Lines & Marks on your Copies

If your copier is making lines on your copies, and wide bands on your copies.You may want to have us come out and check your copier. Lines & marks can be caused by all kinds of reasons. you could have a worn drum blade or even a bad fuser roller. If you do labels.You could have a label stuck somewhere in your copier or printer. If that is the case. You need a service call.

Labels can damage fuser rollers by getting fused to the roller and essentially cooking itself to the roller.Causing damage to the roller. Also labels have been able to work themselves in to the drum area that can also cause streaks to your copies. Its important to have your copier or printer looked at periodically. To ensure its best performance and good copy quality. Also if you use your copier or printer a lot. You may even consider a service plan.Our service plans cover the entire machine with supplies included, and are customized to fit your needs. We service the entire valley. We do not charge for mileage.

So consider having your equipment serviced. We also do networking, and network trouble shooting if you are having network issues. We offer the highest quality service in the valley. We accept most major credit cards. We offer lease financing with FMV, and is up gradable anytime during the lease term. Dollar buyout leasing is also available.

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