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How to purchase copiers

To get the best from your investment. I think it always good to look at cost, and what I’m getting for my money? Saving money is always a good way. But will it get you what you are looking for? I have been in the copier industry 26 years.

With the way the economy is for some businesses. Saving is very important. Along with getting value is also important. My best advise to this question is? You can find good deals on used equipment along with saving the cash.

We have sold many machines that are like new saving customers thousands of dollars over new with all the new bells and whistles that a new copier comes with. And in most cases? It’s the same machine with one or two numbers that are changed that is still the same machine in production. Copiers are like cars in a lot of ways. They drop in value daily as you hold on to the copier. Especially if you leased your copier.

Then it will not be worth what the lease company wants you to pay to own it at the end of the term. So now you have an investment that has lost it’s value and isn’t worth much. So it makes sense to get every dollar of value from that copier. My advise is lease if you are looking to hold on to cash with little out of pock at the time of the lease. Dollar buyout or purchase pre-owned equipment. Owned at end of lease term for one dollar or Paid in cash up front.

We lease new & pre-owned copiers with service included. Customized to your needs.

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