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Copier History & Duplication Market

The copier market has changed in the last 25 years. Years ago there were not many options offered in the market of copying. There were only few options like Size paper, Enlargement, & Reduction. Document feeders were optional along with sorting. Copiers were a huge market for duplication of documents.

Today we see the advancement in the copier market from 25 years ago. Many things have changed in all the years I’ve been doing this kind of work. The needs are being met with such tailored innovations. When color was introduced about 16 years ago. It was a welcomed option to the copier market. And from there on it boomed in a way no one ever expected copiers would go. Now we have many options to choose from. Scanning, Printing, Finishing & faxing. Now with those changes. Many get the custom tailored options. To fit there needs. With hard drives on board for document storage to cloud storage to jump drive options to the least. More compact then in its infancy days of big old sizes and, where to put it in customers offices? Now you can get compact with tons of options. Whoever thought this was possible?  well now it is. Service has also become a big part in keeping your equipment in top running condition. As most of us don’t do our own car repairs. Because most of us aren’t mechanics.

So how do we know when our copiers need service? Best answer is leave it to a professional. A copier technician is usually the answer to the question. Most don’t tackle repairs on our vehicles. We take it to a professional to make the repairs. But in other ways our copiers are not cars. They are a piece of equipment that everyone in our office environment depends on & needs. So to be clear here. It’s always best to get that copier serviced on a regular basis. Or putting a service contract on the equipment. This will insure up time at its best performance.

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We offer pay per call service along with service agreements, Leasing options, Rentals with service included.

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