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IT supportComputer & Networking Solutions / Data Recovery & Security

Arrow Business Machines offers:

    • Design, Install and Build Networking for copy machines and scanners


    • Troubleshooting networks, copy machines and scanners


    • Data recovery & Scrubbing


    • Copy machine operating system installation


    • Work with Windows and Mac based PC’s.


    • Tune UpIncrease your speed! Restore your computer back to its original speed and performance by optimizing start up, obtaining all windows updates, De-fragmenting the hard drive and more!


    • Windows Repair– Repair a corrupted windows operating system.


    • Wipe & Reload – A Fresh Start! Restore your windows operating system (OS) to its integrity. Caution: You lose all data and all programs need to be reloaded. Only the OS or if you provide restore disks, those items that originally came with your system, will be present.


    • Data Transfer – Copy your files from one computer to another! May take multiple days based on the size of the files and speed of the drives involved.


    • Wipe & Reload with Data Transfer – If your OS can’t be repaired, we can move your data off your hard drive restore your windows operating system and then replace the data back onto the drive. It will take multiple days due based on the amount of data being transferred. Caution: You will need to reload all programs.


    • Spyware / Virus Removal – Involves multiple scans of your software with numerous Spyware & Virus Removal Tools plus the surgical removal of more stubborn spyware by our Technical staff. Also includes a system Tune Up.


    • Software Installation – installing basic software


    • Security Upgrade – We will install and configure antivirus / antispyware software that will help protect your computer from malicious programs. Then we will perform a full computer Tune Up to optimize your machine’s speed and performance. Software is Included


    • Data Recovery – Your drive will be reviewed using the latest techniques in order to recover your data. NOTE: We will try to recover as much data as possible, however, various situations such as water damage, viruses or accidents may cause data to be lost, damaged or unrecoverable.


    • Hard Drive Scrub – Want to Delete all your data and give you hard drive to someone else? We will do a full scrub to remove ALL data and the operating system.


Onsite LaborNormal Business Hours*
Our experienced technicians will come to your location any time
during the normal business day
(Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm).

They will troubleshoot and repair any issues you have and service costs are billed at a flat hourly rate. (Additional charges for hardware may apply).

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