Ricoh B&W Multifuntion


Ricoh PrintersB & W Multifunction

The Ricoh family of copier-based Aficio multifunctional products provide a wide variety of standalone and networked printing and document management solutions. From the small office, to centralized reproduction, and print-for-pay environments, there’s an Aficio solution to improve productivity.

ModelSpeed (ppm)CopyPrintScanFax
Aficio MP 1600L16YesYesYes
Aficio MP 160016YesYesYesYes
Aficio SP 1000SF16YesYesYesYes
Aficio MP 17117YesYesYesYes
Aficio MP 2000L21YesYesYes
Aficio MP 200021
Aficio MP 250025
Aficio MP 255025
Aficio MP 285128
Aficio SP 3200SF30
Aficio SP 3400SF30
Aficio SP 3410SF30
Aficio SP 4100SF31
Aficio MP 335033
Aficio MP 335133
Aficio SP 4110SF36
Aficio MP 400040
Aficio MP 400140
Aficio MP 500050
Aficio MP 500150
Aficio MP 600060
Aficio MP 600160
Aficio MP 700070
Aficio MP 700170
Aficio MP 800080
Aficio MP 800180
Aficio MP 900190
Ricoh Pro 906EX90
Ricoh Pro 1106EX110
Ricoh Pro 1356EX135

Color Multifunction
Color adds impact to your documents. Ricoh’s Aficio multifunction color copier systems offer stunning color copies and prints for any general office, professional, central reprographics or print-for-pay environment.

ModelPrinter Speed B/W (ppm)Printer Speed Color (ppm)Max Paper Size
Aficio MP C2030202012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C2050202012″ x 18″
Aficio SP C231SF21218.5″ x 14″
Aficio SP C232SF21218.5″ x 14″
Aficio MP C2500 EFI252512″ x 18″
Aficio MP C2550252512″ x 18″
GX3050SFN29298.5″ x 14″
Aficio MP C2800282812″ x 18″
Aficio MP C3000303012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C3000 EFI303012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C3300333312″ x 18″
Aficio MP C3500353512″ x 18″
Aficio MP C3500 EFI353512″ x 18″
Aficio MP C4000404012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C4500454012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C4500 EFI454012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C5000505012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C6000605512″ x 18″
Aficio MP C6501SP656012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C7501SP757012″ x 18″
Aficio MP C7500757012″ x 18
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