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Color Multifunction Printers
Konica Minolta’s award-winning bizhub office color multifunction printers (MFPs) offer cost-effective, high-performance, high-value document management solutions for any office setting. The bizhub office product line delivers a broad range of print, copy, scan, and fax speeds with advanced finishing options. Color multifunction printers feature security options that can customized for the specific needs of your business. Designed to be compact and efficient, Konica Minolta color multifunction printers are the only printers suited to both home office and commercial use. Compare color multifunction printers based on monthly volume, print speed, and paper capacity.

ModelMonthly Volume (Pages)Print Speed (PPM)Max Paper Capacity (Sheets)
bizhub C20030,00020 Color/20 B&W3,350
bizhub C20360,00020 Color/20 B&W3,650
bizhub C22060,00022 Color/22 B&W3,650
bizhub C25375,00025 Color/25 B&W3,650
bizhub C28075,00028 Color/28 B&W3,650
bizhub C353100,00035 Color/35 B&W3,650
bizhub C360100,00036 Color/36 B&W3,650
bizhub C451150,00045 Color/45 B&W6,650
bizhub C452150,00045 Color/45 B&W6,650
bizhub C550200,00045 Color/55 B&W6,650
bizhub C552200,00045 Color/55 B&W6,650
bizhub C552DS200,00045 Color/55 B&W6,650
bizhub C650250,00050 Color/65 B&W6,650
bizhub C652250,00050 Color/65 B&W6,650
bizhub C652DS250,00050 Color/65 B&W6,650

Black & White Multifunction Printers
With their compact and cost-effective design, black and white multifunction printers from Konica Minolta deliver high-speed output, low-cost operation and all-in-one functionality for small- to mid-sized business departments and workgroups. Highly versatile devices, these bizhub multifunction printers can be configured with a number of modular finishing options – sorting and grouping, stapling, two and three-hole punching and saddle-stitch booklet making – to fit your company’s needs.

ModelMonthly Volume (Pages)Print Speed (PPM)Max Paper Capacity (Sheets)
bizhub 16016,00016760
bizhub 161f16,00016760
bizhub 18130,000181,475
bizhub 22260,000223,650
bizhub 22360,000223,650
bizhub 282120,000283,650
bizhub 283120,000283,650
bizhub 361150,000365,650
bizhub 362150,000363,650
bizhub 363120,000363,650
bizhub 421150,000425,650
bizhub 423150,000423,650
bizhub 501175,000505,650
bizhub 601300,000607,600
bizhub 751300,000757,600
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